Festival Of Enlightenment, June 13-19 2011, Evergreen, Colorado

Festival of Enlightenment 2011 - What They Said

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What Our Attendees Said

"The 2011 Festival of Enlightenment gave so much more than promised. Wonderful people, wonderful energy and completely a wonderful outlook for the future. I feel like a different person on the inside and the outside!"

"The festival was a heart-centered experience of a growing community of world servers. I loved it!" 

"The festival was a truly wonderful experience of light, sharing, insight, transformation and community building. I can't wait to go back again next year!" 

"The Festival of Enlightenment was the most amazing experience of my life! I learned so much about myself that will carry forward for the rest of my life. I met the most loving and fun loving people and the speakers were the absolute best!" 

"My son and I had a great time and The Rocky Mountains were the perfect setting for this energetic festival. ..We met wonderful people, all willing to help and support you in every way. We learned different concepts from different speakers and we are now putting it all to use. All the speakers and presenters were awesome, but my favorite was Panache Desai. Because of Panache and the others I am a changed man. I feel love, happiness, I am assertive, energetic and at the same time, relaxed. ..I got something out of every workshop that we attended. I thank each and everyone of the speakers that attended the festival. I thank Bill and Jan for putting the Festival of Enlightenment together. I hope to be there again next year with my whole family. GOD Bless You All." Respectively yours, René R.

"The 2011 Festival Of Enlightenment was such an amazing experience! The energy was beautiful as was the facility it took place in. You could not help but to feel grounded and integrated with nature while you were there! The thing I loved about it was the layed back atmosphere and the interaction with the Speakers. I will, for sure be back again next year!! Great job Bill and Jan!!! I'm grateful to you both for the experience!!" 

"I honestly can say that my week at the Festival changed my life. I felt like I was back in college, going from class to class, meeting new and interesting people and revisiting old beliefs, participating in incredible activities, and looking within. Each speaker was dynamic, fun, and interesting, and I can honestly say that each class went by so quickly I could hardly believe an hour or two had gone by. I attended two classes in the morning and two in the afternoon each day for seven days straight......my head was spinning( in a really good way) and I just couldn't get enough. The speakers were experts in their fields, passionate about their fields, and you could feel their desire to share their interests and expertise. From Native American dancing to Heartmath to Energetic NLP....I was just so energized and yet feeling so calm, loved, and accepted. The speakers were amazing, and so were the other attendees. There was such a feeling of complete love and comradery....I very quickly felt like I had known some of the people before. The knowledge, inspiration, love, and feelings of complete joy were all speaking to me. At first I was frustrated because I wanted to hear "every" speaker......but as the week unfolded, I quickly realized that I was being led to the sessions I most needed to hear, and I was being led to meet up with those people I needed to be exposed to. The moment I let go of worry and began to listen to my heart and my head, everything began to fall into place. I also really gained insight and inspiration from each day's opening exercises and the closing activities at the end of each day. I came to know myself in a different light, more in tune with my higher self, believing in myself and the importance of my voice. I am still digesting a lot of what happened during that amazing week, and I am inspired to keep an open, non-judgmental heart as I get back to the "reality" of day to day living. I don't ever want to lose that feeling of complete joy, self-acceptance, and "oneness" with my higher spirit. I do feel it is our job as speakers and attendees to take that essence and spread it throughout the world. I am convinced that my higher self led me to Colorado for the Festival of Enlightenment and that the people I met were meant to cross my path during this journey of life. I've only been home for a week, and I will bet that I don't yet realize the full impact of this experience. As I continue to digest and assimilate the week, I will forever be grateful for the experience." 

"Wow!! The gratitude I have for such an event is overwhelming. Although I was only able to attend just the last weekend of the event, I am so very glad I went. Being one of the younger enlightened beings on the planet at this time is a bit challenging, however I have an old soul, this can make it challenging for others to accept me and what I am saying. This event gave me great encouragement that I am not alone and confirmation that I am on the right path. Your support of putting such an event on, brings me renewed hope. Thanks for the re-charge! It felt like family the whole time. No judgement, just total acceptance. I wasn't afraid to be myself and I wasn't nervous entering the expirence. I look forward to returning next year and having more fun and making even more connections. I plan on going for the full week in 2012. Thank you again for the "family reunion" ;)" Smiles, Janelle M :) 

What Our Speakers Said 

"The stunning country side and the great variety of workshops and speakers from around the globe made the first Festival of Enlightenment an amazing event that offered transformation to everybody - participant and speakers alike. For me the best part of the Festival was the connecting and bonding of the speakers and the audience. There was much exchange and a feeling of love, peace, and Oneness all around. Now one month later we are still connected strongly and I believe this will continue - until we meet again next year. To be emerged in a full week of inspiration and transformation in such a beautiful setting cannot leave anyone untouched. Our lives will never be the same. See you in 2012 Until then, be well and thrive!" Barbara Hofmeister Author, Speaker, Change Catalyst www.barbarahofmeister.com

"DEFINITELY the fledgling beginning to what will be a major world event in years to come."
"The Festival of Enlightenment was a most joyous experience for me both personally and professionally—quite powerful from the inside out! I look forward to the Festival becoming an annual and worldwide event."

"The Festival Of Enlightenment offered a unique opportunity to meet incredible people, explore a wide range of different experiences, create new friendships in an atmosphere of respect and love. Add magnificent scenery and too many speakers to choose from and you get just a small idea of the festival experience. It is one I can thoroughly recommend. Don't miss the festival in 2012!"

"The setting was magical and the people very friendly and sweet."

"The inaugural Festival of Enlightenment event, which took place in June 2011 at Estes Park, Colorado, was a beautiful event in so many ways. For me, one of the most wonderful aspects of the event was that the facilitators had quality time to connect and build rapport. So often at large gatherings, the presenters fly in with just enough time to do their presentations and then jet off again to their next gig. It was priceless to be able to enjoy the energy, camaraderie, and fun of being with such a stellar group of people. Jan and Bill Moore were also great hosts and role models for an improved way of managing this kind of festival and gathering; I haven't been with as calm a group of behind-the-scenes folk in mainstream society ... although a lot of First Nations groups I work with have a similar demeanor;) Overall feedback: Each day built upon the next and the energy kept building through the week; as the presenters came into deeper rapport, I sensed a deepening of the energy. The event felt like a rekindling and reinforcement of the strongly positive energy we need to be generating to usher in the next waves of awakening ... as in, the loving we do makes it easier for everyone to join in. Additionally, I felt as though we were having a smashing family reunion with folks many of us had never met before. Thank you for making the commitment to FOE 2012 ~ I know that next year will be even more amazing!"

"Terania and I had a terrific time with Bill, Jan, all the great speakers and the wonderful attendance. Colorado is such a magnetic wonderful spiritual place we can not wait to go back there." Blessings, Dr. Turi


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