Festival Of Enlightenment, June 13-19 2011, Evergreen, Colorado

Transform Your Life, Transform Your World

The Festival of Enlightenment is a catalyst for the creation of the New Earth and is the call to action for global consciousness.

Our Mission 

Through aSmilingWorld and The Festival of Enlightenment we will educate and inspire  people to become conscious, empowered and abundant. We will gather together a global family of conscious, empowered people who together will take collaborative action to bring about positive change for themselves and ultimately all inhabitants of our planet through the power of the collective consciousness.

The Festival of Enlightenment is a life-changing experience for everyone who attends - an exciting, vibrant, joyful celebration of creativity and human potential and an inspiration for you to live the life of your dreams. You'll discover your true potential and learn how to develop the mindset that makes anything possible, while nurturing the environment for future generations.

During the Festival of Enlightenment you will experience a series of transformational and inspirational presentations, seminars and workshops that will take you on a journey of discovery, show you how to change your life and give you the resources to sustain that change after the euphoria of the festival is over.

Heart shaped globe 

You will learn how your individual transformation contributes to a collective impact on the whole world and what you can do to effect a positive global change.

The Festival of Enlightenment is a call to action for global consciousness which will bring about:

  • FREEDOM from fear, stress, debt, drudgery and exploitation 
  • EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for everyone to live an abundant life 
  • PEACE by breaking down the causes of conflict in the world 
  • Reconnection with the planet and respect for all its LIFE forms and their interdependency 
  • Stopping the exploitation of natural resources that is destroying our PLANET 
  • GENEROSITY instead of greed and selfishness   
  • CARING for others as much as ourselves 
  • JOY instead of unhappiness and despair 
  • A world filled with LOVE where we are all one 

Realign Yourself

True happiness depends on rediscovering the relationship between mind, body, heart and spirit. The Festival of Enlightenment will present leaders from all these areas of knowledge and experience to demonstrate how you can achieve the perfect life of love, joy, peace and abundance that is your birthright.

Help Others Transform Their Life & Their World

Proceeds from the Festival of Enlightenment will go to the creation of aSmilingWorld Conscious Communities incorporating education for consciousness and empowerment, organic and sustainable farming and food production, holistic healthcare, green housing and conscious business

aSmilingWorld® supports personal empowerment and global transformation through our global community, through our mentoring and educational programs, and through local and international events including the Festival of Enlightenment.

To find out more about the vision and mission of aSmilingWorld, go to www.asmilingworld.com

The Founders of The Festival of Enlightenment

 Jan & Bill Moore

As true visionaries of our global potential, Bill & Jan Moore have developed aSmiling World and the Festival of Enlightenment into an initiative that is inspiring world class speakers, performers and leading organizations to partner in the successful production of this world-changing event. 
As well as creating the Festival of Enlightenment, they have also created LJPALife.com and Success Frequency training and mentoring programs which empower people by helping them discover their life purpose, remove false beliefs and clear the blocks to fulfilling their potential and achieving their dreams.

  Fund Raising 2015

Our latest fund raising campaign is to take our personal empowerment, mindfulness and manifestation teaching on the road as the aSmilingWorld Roadshow and create Festivals of Enlightenment around the USA.

Your donations will help us continue our work to create transformational change for individuals and make a difference in the world.

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